Pre School Teachers

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Do you need a reliever? We have got you covered!


We aim to provide you with fabulous service standards and reliable and experienced temporary relievers at very affordable rates.


We pride ourselves on pooling outstanding and professional relievers who have varying degrees of experience and training.

All our relievers are police vetted to comply with the Vulnerable Children’s Act and are reference-checked. They have regular performance reviews and ongoing training where applicable. We work with you to establish a preferred relievers list so you can get the best relievers who work well with your team and children. (Subject to availability)

When a new reliever from our talent pool is placed with your centre, we will follow up to check if they meet your expectations and working well with your team.

We employ relievers who are reliable, energetic, have a great work ethic, are passionate about their job and love working with children.

Booking a reliever is easy. Just call us at any time on 03 3350223 or reach us via email at JOIN@FASTFORCE.CO.NZ and we will take it from there..

Permanent Positions


Leave it to us to find your new permanent staff member. We can take the hassle out of the recruitment process as we may have temporary staff on our books that are looking for a permanent position (they may even be on your preferred relievers list). We will work with your requirements to find you a suitable replacement teacher.