Drivers & Warehouse Staff

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We understand the time and effort required to find great people with the appropriate attitude and skills for the logistics industry.


Warehouses are the hub of any business and carry huge responsibilities of the company’s stock. Fast Force considers the stock to be of real value, just like business owners.


Handling & management of this high value is not possible without a proper workforce. Leave it to us to find a reliable, honest and hardworking team in the key areas of Warehouse Operations below.

  • Pick/Packers
  • Assembly Workers
  • RF Scanners
  • Cleaners
  • Devanners
  • Process Workers
  • Factory Hand
  • Store Person
  • Forklift Operators and much more




Whether you require Class 1, 2, 4 or 5 Drivers, we got them covered.


In reality, only 1 in 10 drivers that walk through our door make it through our rigorous interview & screening process. The reason is obvious – we take the safety of our client’s business stock & the public on the road very seriously.


Another key factor is drivers carry the company’s image on the road like a free and live advertisement of the company. Presentable drivers are a business’ top requirement on top of everything else, alongside safety.


We aim to take the time, effort and risk out of this area of your business by providing you with suitable candidates from our huge talent pool.

Warehousing Staff